Multiple choice exam. 22 Questions

I need help with a Political Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

You will be logging in and taking the multiple choice exam. The class is Research Methods for Public Administration

Multiple choice. You must also answer Part B, which is a separate assignment!!

Please choose the correct answer for each item. The exam covers everything we have studied to date, plus the two articles posted.

You will need this chart for the first couple of questions: Variables Chart-1.pptx

You may use your class materials. No other person may be involved and by submitting the exam you are certifying you alone completed the exam and followed the rules. Public administration is about ethics and community so I trust you will abide by the rules.

The exam is timed, so PLEASE study and review before taking it. You cannot look up every answer and, in addition, many questions utilize your judgment, not repeating back a definition. Make sure you are familiar with the McGuire/Silvia article (emergency management) and the Hager and Brudney (volunteer practices) article before taking the exam.

I offer this test-taking suggestion:

If you are asked a question about, say, an independent variable, before answering the question, repeat to yourself what an independent variable is, then look for it in the problem. In other words, define things, then answer the question. Lots of times when I was a student, I just started answering questions and never thought about the definitions.

Study the powerpoints

Study the assignments you’ve done

Think about the research worksheet we discussed in your office visit.

Take a deep breath.