MSPC 3211 Assignment: Learning from Leaders #2

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Assignment: Learning from Leaders #2

Respond to the text assigned in a creative and critical way through a paper that is in the vicinity of 2 pages single-space (12 font size & 1-inch margins and be sure to cite correctly). Respond to the questions below. Don’t feel confined to these questions. Feel free to comment on other issues from the reading that strike you.


1. Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael Gamble, Leading with Communication: A Practical Approach to Leadership Communication!/4/2@0:0

  • Chapter 5
2. Peter Northouse, Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice
  • Chapter 5

3. Click here to read The Art of the Deal P 45-63

4. Click here to read The Greatest Show on Earth P1 -30

Click here to learn how you will be graded.

  • Having read The Art of the Deal and Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth. Based on the chapter Trump Cards: The Elements of the Deal, what kind of leader does Trump appear to be and how does he explain his success?
  • How does Barrett paint him in Unraveling? What are some of the ethical traits (or lack thereof) that he attributes to Trump.