Movie Review

Movie Review

Movie Review


You are to watch and critique a movie from the list of movies posted this week. Please watch a movie you have NOT seen yet. While watching it really think about the information you have learned about over the past 11 weeks and how accurately the movie portrays the real life of an aging.

Concept/ theories:
DB 2: Developmental psych

DB 3: Diversity

DB 4: Identitiy development & Personality

DB 5: Cognition

DB 6: Physical changes

DB 7: Disease and illness

DB 8: Relationships

DB 9: Education and work

DB 10: Coping and support

DB 11: Death, Dying, Bereavement

About Schmidt** This week you are to watch a movie that is related to aging and that you have not seen. Then, in the Db, you will review and critique the movie. You will also link the movie back to concepts/theories from the book. The movies to choose from are:

To dance with the white dog

The trip to bountiful

The whales of August

Age-old friends

Away from her

Forty Two Up/42 Up

On golden pond

The straight story

Calendar Girls

Grumpy Old Men

The Notebook  Cocoon


The Straight Story

I’m not Rappaport


** Review and critique the movie you watched. Write a very brief summary of the movie (in your own words) and rate it on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best). Do you feel the aging adult(s) accurately depict the aging process and the experience of the aging adult? Did the movie depict aging in a positive or negative way (explain)? Does the movie end on a high or low note (explain)? Link the movie back to at least 5 concepts and/or theories from the book, web sites, videos, and articles.




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Most of us will eventually find ourselves in nursing homes as we grow older, (Cavanaugh, Blanchard and Fields, 2015). Some of our parents are even at the nursing homes already. ‘Age old friends’ is a movie that tries to show us what the future might hold for us as we grow older……………………..

Movie review

I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation.

In The Heat of The Night was filmed in 1967. We first encounter Mr. Tibbs fairly early in the movie. How would you describe his introduction to the viewers? Do you think similar encounters happen to people today, in the 21st century? Explain your response.

Present some examples of the differences in northern and southern culture highlighting themselves.

What did Mr. and Mrs. Colbert represent?

How would you describe Tibbs? How would you describe Gillespie?

When Gillespie asks Tibbs what do people call him up north how did he respond? Why do you think he responded in the manner in which he did?

Throughout the movie the word “boy” is bestowed upon Tibbs, was there a cultural significance for its use? Explain your response.

Were Tibbs and Gillespie representative of their cultures? Explain your response.

What was the significance of Endecott’s statement there was a time he could have had Tibbs shot?

What are the implications of the ending?