Movie review (In the heat of the night)

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In The Heat of The Night was filmed in 1967. We first encounter Mr. Tibbs fairly early in the movie. How would you describe his introduction to the viewers? Do you think similar encounters happen to people today, in the 21st century? Explain your response.

Present some examples of the differences in northern and southern culture highlighting themselves.

What did Mr. and Mrs. Colbert represent?

How would you describe Tibbs? How would you describe Gillespie?

When Gillespie asks Tibbs what do people call him up north how did he respond? Why do you think he responded in the manner in which he did?

Throughout the movie the word “boy” is bestowed upon Tibbs, was there a cultural significance for its use? Explain your response.

Were Tibbs and Gillespie representative of their cultures? Explain your response.

What was the significance of Endecott’s statement there was a time he could have had Tibbs shot?

What are the implications of the ending?