Moral History of the Twentieth Century Cover Letter & Essay

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Essay Topic: Using the historical example of genocide in Rwanda or Yugoslavia, critically explain and evaluate Glover’s theory of the moral resources discussed in Part One of Humanity: A Moral history of the 20th Century. Is it possible for a people to possess a national or tribal identity and maintain their moral resources? Could there have been a different outcome in Rwanda or Yugolsavia? In your discussion be sure to include the concepts of moral resources (humanity and moral identity), the human responses (respect and sympathy), and the idea of a moral law (internal or external).

Instructions: Be sure in your introduction to briefly discuss the subject matter of your paper and state the thesis of your paper. Each point in the well-organized body of your essay should be supported by short quotes from the book. Your conclusion should summarize what you have argued and why it is important and what the implications of your paper might be. Throughout the paper, take care to demonstrate mastery over all the material through Week Six, Glover, Humanity, Part V. Be sure to include a references or works cited page, and to document all sources you use in the preparation of your essay. Any standard form of citation is acceptable: APA, MLA, Chicago.

Take great care to provide short quotes to support all of your points and to demonstrate mastery over all the assigned readings in Glover, Humanity (at this point, up through Part V).

Length: 3-4 PAGES, PLUS A REFERENCES PAGE and a Cover Letter.