Module Four 4-4 Final Project Milestone Two: SWOT Analysis 4-4 Final Project Milestone Two: SWOT Analysis

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For this milestone assignment, you will complete a SWOT analysis to help you determine more information about where your additional strengths and weaknesses lie.

Read this brief video transcript of a SWOT analysis to help you get started, and review the Personal SWOT Analysis article to view examples of a personal SWOT.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.

Complete 4.4 Final Project Milestone Two SWOT Analysis (worth 75 points).

Use the Milestone 4 template to complete this assignment. Be sure you use ‘complete sentences’ and not ‘bullets’ for each section of the SWOT analysis to avoid losing points. I’m also including here, the Milestone 2 template, which you will need to complete this assignment. The template is available in Learning Module 4, inside the Guidelines and Rubric itself for this assignment. It is VERY important to read and follow the guidelines thoroughly, as well as use the template when submitting this assignment. I’m also including a copy of that template here for your guidance.