Module Discussion

I need an explanation for this Nursing question to help me study.

Each student is to choose ONE of the abnormal findings found on pages 365-375 of your Jarvis (2020) textbook. Share with your fellow classmates:

A brief, one or two sentence summary of the abnormal condition you selected, along with the page number where it is found in the textbook

Make THREE connections to possible subjective data you might expect to see in a patient with the abnormal condition you selected (this could be from family health history, individual past or present health history, personal or social history, environmental or work history, medications, health maintenance habits, etc.). Explain your logic in why you would connect your three subjective findings, to the abnormal condition you selected.

Later in the week, return to the forum to read what connections your classmates posted.

Find one other post on an abnormal condition DIFFERENT from the one that you chose to focus on for your own post.

Comment on your classmate’s post by identifying at least ONE additional subjective data element, other than what your classmate already identified, that you think could also be found in a patient with the abnormal condition that your classmate used for their post.