module 2 assignment: 200 word minimum

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What is the value of your money, and how does it change over time?

Think about your capability to earn money, and how the “time value of money” concept affects your life. Specifically, for this assignment consider how much the average person your age could earn with or without a college education (see (Links to an external site.) for info on approximate salaries for both labor-oriented jobs and business jobs in the area that you are majoring in). Think about your education as an “investment” of both time and money.

Answer ALL 4 questions below:

Answer all of the questions below in your own words (200 words or more). There are no wrong answers, but you must justify your opinions. Your answers must be well thought out, and well-written.

  1. About how much do you think that you could earn now, without a college education?
  2. What type of career do you plan to pursue after graduation, and about how much do you expect to be making then? Research various business careers and their associated salaries.
  3. Now consider your education as an investment of time and money. Does this investment make sense? Explain in detail how your economic “value” will increase over time. What is the “opportunity cost” of the time spent in college (during which you could have been working doing something else)? What sort of “return” do you expect to get on your college education?
  4. In a more general way, discuss how the concept of time value of money will affect your life. How might some of the concepts that we’ve covered in this module affect your real-life financial decisions with regard to both debt (car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.) or equity (savings account, stocks, real estate, etc.).

Your score will be determined by your word count (200 word minimum), completely answering all questions, the accuracy of the information you provide, and how well-written your answers are. To submit this assignment, simply type your response in the text entry box, as this assignment is TEXT ENTRY ONLY. Turnitin has been enabled for this assignment