Mobile Device Forensic

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I need to edit some sections in attached file according to reviewer comments below :

Comments from the editors and reviewers:
Reviewer 1

– The introduction is the classic set of concepts about Mobile Forensics that you can find in almost all the books and papers on this topic.

– The Mobile Forensic Techniques section tris to describe more in details techniques in use to extract data from a Smartphone. References are out of date, as the article mentions the iPhone 5s with Touch ID…

– The file system section is short and it is just a list of some of the possibile filesystem on smartphones

– The data acquisition techniques refers to the Mobile Device Forensics Guidelines written by NIST and doesn’t add any useful reference

Reviewer 2

Section-by-Section breakdown:

·Abstract: Suggest re-wording the sentence: “The purpose of this paper is to allow investigators to develop further methods to examine all the artifacts for researchers, especially the trial version.” – Many tool vendors offer free trials, you just have to ask for them. The purpose statement also seems overly broad and leads readers to believe that the authors will propose some new ideas to improve general tool capabilities (not found in the body of the document).

·Introduction: Suggest re-working the paragraph starting at line 20. Difficult to understand. In particular the sentence starting on line 26 seems to be incorrect: “Moreover, the only other aspect that made the live acquisition of data from mobile devices possible was the disabling of locks or passwords when the device was restarted.” – many current tool capabilities can bypass locks and passwords to obtain userdata.

·Section 4.1: Authors should mention that the iOS filesystems can be browsed by users, but require jailbreak and usage of command line tools like iproxy. Current capabilities provided by the checkra1n and unc0ver exploits may enable this to happen on modern devices.

·Section 4.2: Suggest putting all the evidence types into a table to improve readability.


* please re-write the edit section with red color to understand what is change

* please use new paper published from 2018 – 2020 as references in MLA style