MIS – Unit 4 Portfolio Activity-Internet of Things (IoT)

This is a paper that is focusing on the MIS – Unit 4 Portfolio Activity-Internet of Things (IoT). The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in writing the assignment paper.

MIS – Unit 4 Portfolio Activity-Internet of Things (IoT)

MIS – Unit #4 Portfolio Activity
This unit introduces to the topics of The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data and we began to look at how they are a connection.  We live our daily lives perhaps somewhat oblivious to how we are a part of the IoT and how we contribute to the ever-growing warehouse of data that is collected every minute of every day.  Yet the increasing connectedness of things to each other and to the internet is becoming more prevalent. It is changing the way business is done — from our personal business to how entire industries operate.   What we do know is that these things are affecting all industries and understanding how the data being collection is driving change is a key to staying relevant, viable and secure in the future.

For your Portfolio Activity: My response in PINK (please reach out to me if I need to include anything else)
·         Firstly, consider your industry — how does the IoT and Big Data currently play into your job, College Transition Advisor (high school students)
·         Secondly, your organization and the industry? Detroit Board of Education Community District -Counseling Department
·         Thirdly, are these two things are a connect and if so, how?  If not, why?  Yes, we connect with colleges and universities to share information, send off official transcripts, upload scholarship sites/application, assist with online FASA application and communicate with students through their phone using a “REMIND” app.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data connection

·         Fourthly, critically reflect – how have the IoT and Big Data changed the way you do business? It has made it much more convenient and I am able to share and provide more information. How has it changed the way your organization does business? Since the pandemic, we have solely relied on it because of school closure. All staff meeting using “Microsoft Team”, I had to send my daily logs through “cloud” email, communicate with students, parents and colleges by scheduling virtual meetings through “Zoom”, “Microsoft Team” and “Google Hangouts” I never use them before and I had to learn how to use all of them.

·         Lastly, look ahead & evaluate — how are IoT and Bid Data poised to change your job? Your Organization? I believe they will begin look further into data that can aid decision-making. Your Industry?  Is your organization ready? I don’t think so, not really sure?? What possible pitfalls do see? The district is beginning to collect data from each school and review the information with the principal and staff.  Does your organization have any limitations in this area? Not sure how to answer this – all students do not have access to internet and computers. How might those limitations be ameliorated? DPSCD is currently passing out laptops to ALL students & staff to prepare for virtual learning in the fall. I’m sure we will be conducting surveys to suit the needs of staff, parents and students.