MIS- Executive Summary

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you will identify a business problem that can be addressed with data and explain how to link client systems to produce data that can address the problem. You will also practice communicating to stakeholders using what you have learned about MIS and decision-making processes. You will assume the role of an information systems specialist and draft an executive summary addressed to your supervisor advocating for one reporting tool over another. Prompt: Read the Dirt Bikes USA case study in your eText and respond to the following prompt. You can read the Dirt Bikes USA case study found in MyMISLab. Note: The Dirt Bike USA Case Study can be found by clicking on: MyMISLab > MyMISLab Multimedia Library > Data Files > Find Now > Dirt Bike Case Data Files Regina, the marketing manager at Dirt Bikes USA, has requested that you, one of two information systems specialists at the organization, consult on what type of reporting tool the sales and marketing department should use to capture sales information that will help promote stronger relationships with customers. You are a fairly new hire, so you meet with Regina to get some more information about sales and marketing at Dirt Bikes USA; this information is provided to you in your case study. Regina requests that you draft an executive summary that clearly justifies the best option and outlines what the benefits are to both the sales and marketing department and the company as a whole. Regina mentions that she would like you to weigh in on data security and integrity as well. There are two reporting tool options you could recommend to her:  Microsoft Access: The first option is a Microsoft Access database. It would allow Dirt Bikes USA to have a relational database management system that could store all orders that are processed and fulfilled. In addition, Microsoft Access would allow the company to generate reports and obtain information regarding sales activity.  CRM: The second option is a CRM. It would allow Dirt Bikes USA to tie in other systems, and employees would have a centralized system to provide them with information. Which option would you recommend? Draft an executive summary for Regina that advocates for the option you have chosen. Begin your executive summary by describing the business goals of the sales and marketing department and Dirt Bikes USA. Next, describe what data would be required to position Regina and her team to achieve these goals. Conclude by justifying the option you have chosen in terms of its viability and feasibility for the organization, and provide a rationale for your chosen option’s benefits for both the sales and marketing team and the entire organization. Your justification and rationale should be supported by evidence from the case study reading as well as other course materials. As you write, be sure to use professional and clear language appropriate for an audience with a limited technology background, and provide citations for any evidence used to support your justification and rationale.

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your executive summary should be a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and sources cited in APA format.