Mid-CP Reflection

Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Now that you have completed a first draft of your CP, it’s important to pause and reflect on your research process thus far.

Answer the following questions in 250 to 400 words in the text box below. You may want to write your response in Word or Google Docs and then transfer it into the text box, just to make sure you don’t loos any work.

  1. What is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve discovered about your topic in the process of researching? How did you come across this source? (Through a search on library databases or on Google Scholar? Or maybe by looking at someone’s bibliography?) Please elaborate.
  2. Describe how you moved from brainstorming to a draft of your CP. What phases of the project have been the most useful or effective? You might consider the library modules, the library orientation, the annotated bibliography, mindmapping, our course readings, etc,, as well as any writing and research you completed outside of class. Why do you think these particular activities or steps were helpful for your personal writing and research style?
  3. What information literacy skills are you using from your previous experience with research and writing? What research skills have you learned or honed in the process of putting together your CP?