Miami Regional University Essentials of Nursing Leadership Questions

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We must answer each of these questions, these do not have to be very long answers, just answer the question concisely. I am going to send you the book regarding the class so that you can keep it since every week I am sending you what we must respond to. Add 3 references in APA format. In this job, you can add the questions. remember beware of plagiarism.

Read Chapter 8

1. Describe a situation in which the nurse manager would use problem resolution in the workplace. Describe a situation in which the nurse manager would use negotiation to resolve a conflict (or potential conflict) in the workplace.

2. Compare and contrast strategies for resolving a conflict, using first the informal negotiation method and then the formal negotiation method.

3. Explore the American Nurses Association website for information on collective bargaining for nurses. Which states have nursing unions? Debate the issue of joining a union with another group of students.

4. PART 1: Log onto the website of your state nurses association and search for information on collective bargaining. Search for news articles, union websites, and other recent information on collective bargaining for nurses in your state. Is there a great deal of collective bargaining activity in your state? If not, why? If yes, what are the primary issues under discussion?

PART 2: Review the pros and cons of becoming part of a collective bargaining unit. If you were a full-time staff nurse, would you want to join a union? Why or why not?