Miami Dade College Ch 6 Fair Trade Mojo Plan Case Activity

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After reading Chapter 6, review Case Activity: A Plan for Fair Trade Mojo. Develop an 8 Step Program Plan for Fair Trade Mojo.

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Case Activity: A Plan for Fair Trade Mojo

Fair Trade Mojo, a chain of coffee houses, conducted market research and found that college students would be an excellent audience for its product and services. The research emphasized one challenge: half of the students know what fair trade means, but nearly all (82 percent) agreed/strongly agreed that fair trade deserves their business. To this end, Fair Trade Mojo has contacted your public relations firm and asked you to develop a comprehensive plan that does two things:

(1) creates brand awareness, including an understanding of what fair trade coffee is, among college students and

(2) increases walk-in business at their local stores in college towns.