MGT 5300 CASE STUDY on a chosen organization

This is a paper that focuses on the MGT 5300 CASE STUDY on a chosen organization. The paper also contains a structure to which you are to use in the paper.

MGT 5300 CASE STUDY on a chosen organization

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance your writing, application of knowledge, and critical thinking skills. In general, this assignment requires you to analyze an organization of your choice and prepare a case study covering a variety of aspects of the organization. The content will include information on the mission, strategy, culture, structure, and environment of the organization.

·         First you need to choose an organization to examine. It can be one you worked for in the past, your present employer, or any other organization that interests you. It is important that you be able to interview at least two employees from this organization, so if you select one that is “new” to you, you will need to contact the organization in order to verify that you can get access to discuss the organization with two current employees.  In the second and third weeks of class this selection process should be completed.

Format and detailed requirements

There should be six sections to your paper: Introduction, External environment, mission and goals, structure, culture, and Conclusions.

I.            Introduction: Firstly, briefly how you happened to choose it as a focus for this project.
II.            External Environment: Secondly, what are some of the basic issues confronting the industry of which your organization is a part?  While this is a potentially huge topic to discuss, try to focus on the most important aspects of the environment (i.e., competition, suppliers, customers, employees, regulatory issues, economy, etc.).

III.            Organizational mission and official goals: Thirdly, what do members see as the purpose of this organization?  What are the organization’s long-term goals?  You will want to do two things to answer this question. First, you need to find out if there is an official position formally set forth by the organization.  Second, you need to assemble a set of questions to pose to a sample of employees of the organization to reveal how they view their mission and goals.  You can do that using whatever research approach you like- individual or group interview, via e-mail, etc.

IV.            Organizational structure:

Fourthly, describe the organization’s structure.  Provide a depiction of the chart, either one the organization uses or your own assessment if there is no such document.  Describe what the organizational chart tells you about the vertical and horizontal complexity and integration of this organization.  Explain how the organization uses its formal structure to promote coordination and integration.
Organizational culture: Collect and analyze available evidence regarding the culture of this organization.

Observables include physical manifestations, such as the physical buildings and real estate (e.g., landscaping, age of buildings), and rites and rituals, as well as verbal aspects, such as stories (and myths) regarding the organization and its founders.  Shared values and common assumptions are not immediately apparent, but may be ascertained through a discussion with members. You must interview at least two organizational members, and work with them to help you understand their values and those of the organization.