Methods Chapter

(Subsections to be Included for Method Chapter) Choice of Method Participants Recruitment Data Collection Data Analysis Plan: Because were using non-parametric data, finding the relationship between level of confidence and age, level of confidence and years since graduation, level of confidence and degree type, etc the data will be analyzed using a spearman’s rho test. (I will need you to look at previous dissertation methods chapters that also use spearman rank order tests, and structure my methods section like the others. I will send you copies of other dissertations that you can use as a guide. Analyses: (2 paragraphs describing what those correlations mean. (e.g. PhDs/PsyD’s endorse more levels of confidence than those with Masters Degree. This could be explained by more level of education or more field hours/training, more academic course work xyz.) ( Example #2: the older one is, the more confident they are in working with individuals with disabilities. This might best be explained by xyz. etc etc. for each research question and hypothesis. Research Questions and hypotheses are within the Prospectus attachment. Please take a look at my dissertation draft (labeled as ‘JWhite’) before bidding if possible. I have left several comments that may need to be reviewed to see if this is a project you’d like to take on.