memo about CONCLUSION explaining the concept of optimal use of energy and how IOT achieves this

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As the tenth largest city in the U.S., San Jose has been accepted into the Bloomberg Philanthropies for help in the city’s ambitious plan to address climate change. According to Emily DeRuy, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, “The city plans to use the support to shift to sustainable transportation models and phase out the use of fossil fuels in buildings.” deRuy adds that in addition to establishing an electric car program for modest income families, the city plans to “identify and measure energy consumption at commercial and multi-family residential buildings across the city to convince property owners to invest in more environmentally friendly products to reduce operating and maintenance costs.”

ASSIGNMENT: Your firm, Sensor NetWide, has been asked to present a plan to the city that will measure energy consumption in large buildings via IOT. Your supervisor, Kevin Lal, has asked your team to provide him with a preliminary memo so he can write up a full report for the city. In the memo he would like you to address:

A brief BACKGROUND explanation of the working of IOT in terms of:
1) Sensor devices
2) Connectivity
3) Data processing
4) User interface

A fuller DISCUSSION of IOT in collection and control of data for:
Home security systems:
Household appliances
Water usage
Energy usage

A CONCLUSION explaining the concept of optimal use of energy and how IOT achieves this.

Memo Length 1 ½ pages. Times New Roman. Single Space. 12 pt font. One space before headings. No space after headings.

Works cited (APA format) at end of memo.