med surguical 3

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Mr. Roy is a 41-year-old Caucasian patient who presents to the ED. He tells the triage nurse that he is certain that he is having a “kidney stone attack.”

1. What assessment data would the nurse recognize as concerning for urolithiasis?

2. Mr. Roy tells the nurse that he was hospitalized 15 years ago and diagnosed with kidney stones. He has not had an episode since that time. He states that yesterday he felt somewhat nauseated and figured he had a virus. While at work today, he states that he developed a sudden onset of flank pain, and then began vomiting. His co-worker drove him to the ED. The nurse asks Mr. Roy when he last voided. He states that his last urinary output was 9 hours ago.

What clarifying assessment questions regarding Mr. Roy’s last urinary output should the nurse ask?

3. The ED physician orders a complete blood count (CBC) and kidneys/bladder/ureters (KUB) x-ray. Stones are easily visible on the x-ray. Mr. Roy is admitted for pain management, and has no known drug allergies.

What types of drug therapy are indicated for Mr. Roy?