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Chapter 8: Exercise 25 page 8-36

What is an expert report? What should the report contain?

Chapter 8: Exercise 82 page 8-39

Go to the Internet, find the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and answer these questions.

a. What Is the Base Level for an embezzlement between $200,000 and $400,000?

b. What is the Base Level for a fraud of $27,052?

c. Suppose an individual has an offense level of 16 and falls within the criminal history category of 5, what is the guideline prison sentence?

d. What is the Base Level for money laundering with no criminal convictions?

e. What is the Base Level for insider trading with 260 victims?

f. What is the prison sentence for offense level 13, with a criminal history of 2?

Chapter 9: Exercise 57 page 9-32

  • Find the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York SEC v. Symbol Technologies, Inc., June 3, 2004. Explain the so-called three way round trip transactions or the candy deals.