material impact

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There are two main areas of impact for building materials:

  • People’s direct exposure to chemicals in buildings materials
  • Pollution or environmental degradation due to commercial or industrial processes involved in the production of a material (which ultimately affects human health)

Find two news articles where people were negatively affected by toxic materials:

  • One situation in which people’s environment (the land, air, or water where they lived) was negatively impacted through pollution from commercial or industrial activity (ideally related to a building material, but not required)
  • One situation in which people were directly exposed to toxins in the built environment
    • In both situations, how did things transpire? How was the pollution or exposure to toxins discovered?
    • What was done to remediate the problem? Was any legal action taken?
    • For those affected, in what ways might they be considered part of a vulnerable population?
    • What similarities can you find between the two situations?
    • What can be done to prevent these types of things from happening?

Assignment format: 5 + 5

  • Approximately 5 images
  • Approximately 5 short paragraphs
    • Combine writing and images in a visually compelling way. The images should help support whatever it is you are writing about
    • Images can be photographs, drawings, sketches, illustrations, renderings, diagrams, any sort of visual component to aid your story
    • Pages should be in landscape format with approximately 50% of the page containing an image and 50% containing text
    • Save and submit as a reduced file size PDF.

Please select one consistent method of citing your sources (APA, MLA, Chicago).

Assignments that consist solely of text directly copied and pasted from other sources without citation will receive a zero. Plagiarism is a violation of university policy. It is very important, even if English is not your first language, that assignments be in your own words and express your own perspective on the topics. You will not be graded on spelling and grammar, but on the ideas you discuss, and if they address the objective of the assignment.