Marvin is examining if nations that have higher GDP 

Marvin is examining if nations that have higher GDP are more likely to have better well being among its populations. He separates nations into high, medium and low income nations.

Marvin is examining if nations that have higher GDP

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Research Methods Quiz Two

If this quiz is given with a scantron sheet fill in the appropritate oval. If it does not include a scantron, circle the entire word(s) of the answer you select. You do not adhere to these directions you are indicating you will take responsibility for any ambiguity that creates grading problems.

1)      Marvin is examining if nations that have higher GDP are more likely to have better well being among its populations. He separates nations into high, medium and low income nations. Those with per capita GDP below $2,500 are low, those with per capita GDP between $2,501 and $9,999 were medium income and tose above $10,000 are high. He utilizes the Human Development Index as an indicator of well being. He decides HDI scores above 51 have substantial well being, and those with scores 50 and below have minimal well being. Marvin must decide what the appropriate statistic is. It is ______________.

a.       Gamma
b.      Regression
c.       Pearson’s r
d.      Rho

2)      When Marvin reconfigures the GDP and HDI data he is ____________________________ his variables.

a.       Nominally constructing
b.      Operationally defining
c.       Latent path coding
d.      Cleaning codification

3)       This form of probabilty sampling occurs when the researcher desires to insure that he or she is getting a diverse sample when several groups in the population are not of large quantity but getting their result findings are important. Similar to non-probability ‘quota’ sampling.

a.       Purposiveful
b.      Systematic
c.       Stratified
d.      Snowball

4)      When an apparent relationship with two variables is actually false and a mirage, it is _________.

a.       Positive
b.      Spurious
c.       Antecedent
d.      Negative

5)      Jeanna wants to find out how people are likely to vote in the upcoming presidential election. She does not have a list of every American who is of voting age. She is worrying about drawing a mistake ridden sample. Given these issues, what type of sample would reduce mistakes?

a.       Convenience sample
b.      Quota sample
c.       Cluster sample
d.      Snowball sample

6)       Which type of mistakes was Jeanna worried about?
a.       Systematic error
b.      Random error
c.       Convenience error
d.      Spuriors error
7)      This score allows the researcher to determine how far away a subjects score is from the average score.
a.       Z score
b.      A score
c.       M score
d.      D score

8)      Which of the following is a pre-experimental design?
a.       One shot case study
b.      Solomon four design
c.       Classical model
d.      Factoral design

9)      Jeffery wants to examine if his mesmorizing group therapy sessions warrant a real difference in ending the pain people experience after a negative experience. He compares his mesmorizing therapy to his colleagues traditional group therapy by measuring the amount of time it takes respondents to be diagnosed as free of depressive symptoms. Which of the following statements is accurate?

a.       Jeffery’s group is the experimental group and the other group is the control group.
b.      Depressive symptoms would require a dualistic form of therapy
c.       Jeffery’s group is the control group and the other group is the experimental
d.      Depressive sympoms require medicine as well as therapy


10)   Given that Jeffery is counting the time it takes for people to come out of depression and when comparing groups which statistical method is most appropriate?

a.       Chi Square
b.      T test of independence
c.       Gamma
d.      Solomon
11. Internal validity

a.     About the extent to which experimental results can be generalized to people in other   settings
b.    Varies inversely with the dependent variable.
c.     Has to do with how confident we are that the observed changes in the dependent variable are owing to the manipulation of the independent variable.
d.    None of the above.

12. Professor Baker has developed a two-year program for enhancing students’ understanding of statistics. Two hundred students enroll, take a pretest and have their mathematical aptitude rated by a panel of DCCC math faculty. After the two years of instruction, the students are retested and most demonstrate significant improvement. An important validity threat criticism of this research design is that Professor Baker did not control for
a.    Mundane realism
b.    Maturation.
c.     Statistical Measurement.
d.    Ecological fallacy


13. Professor Baker is conducting an experiment to test the effects of watching music videos on people’s ability to manage study time effectively. Midway through the research, several superstar musicians put out an album supporting the importance of learning. Suddenly, Professor Baker sees a two letter grade increase in student performance. Students who were getting ‘C’ and ‘D’ grades are now getting ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades. Although Professor Baker is happy with the student performance he knows. It is not due to his instruction but it is due to the following of the musicians and their song. Which of the following threats to the internal validity of the experiment now exists?


a.    Ecoloical fallacy
b.    Maturation
c.     History
d.    Sonic

14. In an experiment, the researcher manipulates the                                                     variable, and observes the effect on the                                                          variable.
a.    dependent, independent
b.    random, nonrandom
c.     independent, dependent
d.    pre-test, post-test
15. The appropriate statistical model for an nominal level of measure is __________.
a. Regression
b. Rho
c. Chi Square
d. Gamma

If this quiz includes a scantron, fill in the oval under the letter ‘A’ for true statements and fill in the oval under. The letter ‘B’ for false statements. If the quiz does not include a scantron, write the entire word ‘true’ for true statements. The entire word ‘false’ for false statements. Failure to adhere to these directions indicates you take responsibility for any ambiguity.
16. ________ Variables are concepts whse attributes change in quantity or type?

17. ________ Theories are complex explanations of empirical phenomena?

18. ________ Racial groups are an example of an ordinal level variable?

19. ________ A within group design experiment uses experimental and control groups?

20. ________ The grading system in the United States of “A, B, C, D, or F” is a ratio variable


Offer an example of a pre-experimental design in short script abbreviated form. Use appropriate letters and figures. (15 points)
Offer an example of the classical experimental design in short script abbreviated form. Use appropriate letters and figures. (15 points)
Offer an example of a Quasi experimental design in short script abbreviated form. Use appropriate letters and figures. (15 points)
Write the characteristics of your research in short script abbreviations (where possible) that include the hypothesis types, unit of analysis, level of measurement, an operational definition for the variable attributes, chosen theoretical perspective given the unit of analysis and appropriate  statistic given the level of measurement. (15 points)