Marketing means manipulating customers into purchasing

This is a paper that is focusing on the Marketing means manipulating customers into purchasing something they don’t need. The paper also provides an assessment criteria to focus while writing the paper.

Marketing means manipulating customers into purchasing

Critically evaluate:
“Marketing means manipulating customers into purchasing something they don’t need.”
Ensure the arguments you present draw upon relevant theories, and any implications or recommendations you present are supported by rationale and justification. Bullet points are acceptable where necessary, but obviously will need to integrate with the report as a whole. The report (analysis and recommendations) has to be coherent and flow logically. Referencing is a requirement, and where material is being quoted from elsewhere, it must be acknowledged. Please use Harvard Style referencing
Format of the essay: Please write a traditional, academic essay – not a business report. Thus, you don’t need an executive summary or abstract. If you use several sub- headings, a table of contents will me help keep the overview – although it’s not a formal requirement to have one.
Origin of the quote: The quote in the assignment is the quote of a layperson attacking the discipline of marketing. If you feel they are using concepts too simplistically (e.g., “marketing”, “need”), I recommend that you clarify these concepts in your essay.

Assessment Criteria:

Firstly, comprehension (Showing knowledge & understanding about the subject matter)
For comprehension I evaluate how clearly and consistently students define, explain, and use the focal concepts of their assignments. I also evaluate how well students have been able to understand the subject matter such that they can separate between relevant and less relevant aspects.
Analysis (Presenting logical arguments supported by evidence)
For analysis I look at how students apply conceptual models in their argument. I look at what data they use, creativity and structure of how they present it, and how they use it as part of their argumentation.

Secondly, critical evaluation (Questioning relevant arguments by identifying their strengths and weaknesses)
I look at how well students justify their arguments and considered possible alternative options. I also evaluate how feasible students’ recommendations are and how comprehensively uncertainties or contingencies are codified in the report.

Thirdly, academic Writing (Presenting a clear and structured assignment; use of relevant literature; academic honesty, referencing and citation)
I look at how structured the argumentation is and whether information is lacking or is too abundant and unnecessary. I evaluate the creative use of figures and tables to complement argumentation lines and present evidence. Thoroughly check academic honesty and the consistent use of the correct referencing and citation style, and number of words. I evaluate the narrative structure of the writing, that is, the logical yet integrated flow.