Marketing Journal – Chapter 9. Successful Value Proposition

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1.Name the three circles of the Circles for a Successful Value Proposition. Use the version on the right.

2.In Exhibit 9.7, if I am the Company offering and my firm’s benefits are labeled as #3, what section would I want to increase in relationship to the customer needs (#2)?





3.In regards to Exhibit 9.7, think of some elements on which you can focus regarding the value your chosen good offers to the customer. Think of an actual company that offers a good which competes with your good. Failure to include the brand and product names of the competing good will result in a 1-point deduction.

Compare your good and the competing good by identifying and explaining at least two benefits the competing good offers which are like the benefits offered by your good.


Identify and explain one customer need your good fills but the competing good used in the question above does not fill.

Identify and explain one customer need the competing good fills that your good does not fill.