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  1. Question 1

    In approaching architecture as an art,we cannot separate aesthetic properties from

  2. Question 2

    Post-and-lintel structure consists of

    1. the modern architecture in Europe
  3. Question 3 The three basic Greekorders is
  4. Question 4

    The formula used to create the Greek Parthenon was

  5. Question 5

    the bearing-wall system,

  6. Question 6

    An architectural design must take into account its context, or environment. In manycases, context is

  7. Question 7

    architecture, passivesystems refers to

  8. Question 8

    The tallest building in the world is

  9. Question 9

    Which of these architecture is an example of a building designed to reflect the natural characteristicsof its environment.

  10. Question 10

    A favorite device of Le Corbusier was