Map analysis

I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

After completing the reading assignment for chapter 3, examine these maps of the Islamic World. The first website shows the growth of the Ottoman Empire. (Links to an external site.) The second website shows the development of the Mughal Empire (Links to an external site.). The final map is the Safavid Empire. (Links to an external site.)

Make sure you read the map titles and explanatory notations, then the position of borders, and the legend (or key).

Once you have examined the maps, and with the help of your book, write a response (150-300 words) that answers the following questions:

Where was the heart of each empire around 1500 and who ruled the empire? What were the strengths and weaknesses of each empire? What other nations or empires did they fight with between 1500 and 1700 and who were the victors? To what regions did each empire expand between 1500 and 1700? How did each govern their expanded empire?