Mano Dura” answer the following questions:

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Colonial Rule and Punitive Governance: Mano Dura

1) Section I. Political history of Puerto Rico- What role did the FBI and the local police play in Puerto Rico’s independence movement? (2-3 sentences)

2) Section II. Economic history of Puerto Rico- Why was migration so important within thecontext of Puerto Rico? (1 sentence)

3) Section III. Space, housing, and social analysis of Puerto Rico- What was the most important aspect of this video for you and why (La Operacion)? (Max. 5 sentences)

4) Section III. Space, housing, and social analysis of Puerto Rico– What was the function of public housing “caseríos” within the context of Puerto Rico? (3 sentences)

II. After reading Policing Life and Death: Race, Violence & Resistance in Puerto Rico; Chapter 1: “A War against the Victims” answer the following questions:

1) How did Pedro Rosello change the way that crime and crime prevention functioned in Puerto Rico? (Max. 5 sentences)

2) Tell me the most important points of this reading (Max. 8 sentences)