Management Development Program Externally Sponsored Seminars

This essay encompasses a paper on Management Development Program and company Externally Sponsored Seminars. Management Development Program evolves from when a firm needs their workers to advance in a certain sector thus they can provide additional outside knowledge.

Management Development Program Externally Sponsored Seminars

Firstly, answer Critical Thinking Challenge  at the end of Chapter 9. Compare the program you create to your current employer or a former employer’s management development program. If your program is better, tell me why you feel that way. If not, what ways can you improve yours?

Secondly, organizations often send employees to externally sponsored seminars or professional courses. Such as those offered by numerous professional and consulting groups. Organizations also encourage continuing education by reimbursing employees for the costs of college courses.

Also, tuition reimbursement programs provide incentives for employees to study for advanced degrees through evening and weekend classes. They attend outside of their regular workdays and hours.

Thirdly, outdoor Experiential Activities Some organizations send executives and managers to experiences held outdoors, called outdoor training or outdoor experiential activities. The rationale for using these wilderness excursions, which can last for several days, is that such experiences can increase self-confidence and help individuals reevaluate personal goals and efforts. For individuals in work groups or teams, shared risks and challenges outside the office environment can create a sense of teamwork.

Lastly, the challenges may include rock climbing in the California desert, whitewater rafting on a river, backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, or handling a longboat off the coast of Maine. Outfitters like Outward Bound offer programs tailored to corporate groups and custom design events to fit the organization’s development goals.

In conclusion, management development efforts are subject to certain common mistakes and problems. Many of the problems have resulted from inadequate HR planning and a lack of coordination of HR development efforts