Management consultancy practice project feasibility and methodologies

This is a paper that also focuses on the management consultancy practice project feasibility and methodologies. The paper is in four parts that you are to follow keenly.

Management consultancy practice project feasibility and methodologies

Assignment: Project Management

You should base your assignment on an organisation you work for, you know well personally or can effectively research. The choice is important as achievement of LOs 1 and 2 requires you to analyse actual business objectives, identify projects and then produce plans to achieve these objectives.

You will need access to detailed information about your chosen organisation including the business objectives and finances together with information about the sector in which the organisation operates. This can be web-researched by using an organisation’s annual reports, websites and other general industry information.


You work for a management consultancy practice and have been asked to support internal staff in a client organisation, with project management activities.

Task 1 – Identifying the projects

You are to research the organisation and identify potential projects that fit with the current business objectives and are feasible for the organisation. You should prepare a briefing paper on potential projects for a meeting with the senior management team at the organisation. Your briefing paper should:

a)    give a brief introduction to your chosen organisation identifying the type and size of business and industry sector

b)    analyse the objectives of the business

c)    identify at least two potential projects that emerge from the current objectives.

Management consultancy practice project feasibility and methodologies

Task 2 – Project feasibility and methodologies

The senior managers of the organisation are interested in one of the projects you have recommended but want further information about the project to gain approval from the board of directors. You should write a report to the board of directors that:

a)    Firstly, assesses the feasibility of the proposed project.

b)    Secondly, reviews project methodologies and identifies a suitable methodology for the chosen project.

c)   Thirdly, describes the structure you have devised for the management of the project.

d)    Fourthly, explains the role and responsibilities of the project manager.

e)    Also, analyse the contribution that the project will make in achieving the business objectives.

f)     justify the chosen management structure and explain the contribution made by other team members.

Task 3 – Project plan

The organisation has decided to move forward with the project and requires a detailed project plan. You should prepare a project plan that:

a)    details the deliverables, accountabilities and responsibilities and gives a breakdown of work involved along with high level estimates of time, resources and costs to meet set milestones

Task 4 – Project controls

The board of directors have asked for a briefing paper on monitoring and controlling the progress of projects in general. In this document:

a)    Firstly, identify the potential issues and risks associated with projects and how these can be managed.

b)    Secondly, design the systems and measures which can be to monitor and appraise the status and progress of projects.

c)   Thirdly, design contingency plans to mitigate against potential delays in projects.

d)    Fourthly, assess the tasks required to close a project.

e)    Also, devise ways to review the success of a project.

f)     Lastly, assess the importance of reviewing projects following completion.