M4A1: Midterm Examination

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PSY 360 Student Instructions:

Your midterm examination is based on your readings for Modules 1–4.

The midterm examination will consist of eight (8) essay questions, of which you are required to answer four (4) (typically between 50-150 words). You must also answer two (2) of the four (4) expanded essay questions (to be answered using a few paragraphs, typically between 300-500 words.)

Midterm Essay Questions:

  1. Describe the major concepts or ideas that are considered by Social Psychology.
  2. What contributes to our idea of self-concept and how likely are we to accurately assess ourselves in a social world?
  3. Explain the factors that may contribute to false beliefs.
  4. Explain the relationship between attitudes and behaviors.
  5. Describe at least two main gender differences that occur in our ideas about sexuality. Does every culture experience these differences? Why or why not?
  6. Explain at least two factors that contribute to our obedience to authority.
  7. Describe the two routes of persuasion. Explain the factors to consider when deciding which route to utilize in order to persuade individuals.
  8. Explain how the presence of others affects performance, emotional reactions, arousal, and deindividuation.

Midterm Expanded Essay Questions:

  1. Explain how research methods are used in Social Psychology. What should researchers consider when implementing survey research? Explain the ethical considerations that are important when conducting experiments.
  2. Describe attribution theory and its two types of attributions. Give an original example of each type of attribution. Explain the fundamental attribution error and why it is likely to occur. Give an original example of the fundamental attribution error.
  3. Explain the influence that genes, culture, and gender have on our behaviors in social settings.
  4. Explain the influence the channels of communication have on persuasive tactics. Give an original example of the power of the media as a channel of persuasive communication. Explain at least two tactics for resisting persuasion.

Please do NOT include the questions in your response, as it increases your Turnitin score.