M3A1: Movie Review

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This review should be 3-5 pages and include references to course material. Citations should all be done in APA. This assignment will assess your knowledge of the following course outcomes:

Connect the concept of criminal enterprise and organized crime in gangs.

Evaluate methods used by law enforcement to control gangs

Select and watch a movie, preferably a documentary or one based on a true story, on gangs. Then prepare a thorough and critical movie review. The review should include at least the following:

  • What gang and gang type the movie is based on
  • What the major themes were in the movie as they relate to course materials
  • How was gang life portrayed, i.e. sensationalized?
  • Describe any criminal activity and or organized crime that the gang was involved with
  • Critically analyze the way in which law enforcement and or corrections attempted to control the gang activity.

Remember this should be written as a movie review so you also want to include information on the characters, plot, script, themes, special effects, and music and how they added or detracted to the content. A helpful resource for writing a movie review “Academic writing tips: How to Write a Movie Review” Academic Writing Tips : How to Write a Movie Review