M03 Assignment – Getting Into Grad School

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Achieving your education is the most important investment you can make in your life. Your chances of acquiring a much higher paying job increase with each year you attend college (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018 (Links to an external site.)). It helps your future financially and gives you a personal sense of pride for your accomplishment.

For this assignment, let’s assume you intend to go on for your Bachelor’s Degree or to graduate school and are in search of a college that will accept you. Search the internet and compare at least three colleges for the following information.

  1. Provide the college name.
  2. What is the percent of full time and part-time teachers?
  3. What is the graduation rate?
  4. What is the teacher-to-student ratio?
  5. What is the acceptance rate?
  6. What is the percentage of female-to-male applicants and acceptance?
  7. What is the tuition cost?
  8. Does the college offer the degree/program you are interested in?
  9. Does the college offer both online and face-to-face courses in the degree/program you are interested in?
  10. If you know your SAT or ACT scores, how do they compare to the colleges?

Putting this information in an Excel spreadsheet, compare and contrast (for example Ball State has a 32% acceptance rate while IU has a 45% acceptance rate) your options based on the information, writing your answer on the same Excel spreadsheet or in a Word document. Finally, which college would you choose and why.

Use Indiana University (Bloomington) And Ball State