Los Angeles Southwest College Plato System of Philosophy Discussion

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  1. Reconstruct Plato’s system of philosophy as found in The Allegory of The Cave, The Euthyphro, and The Apology. The core components of any philosophical system are metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, and ethics. This exam will assess your grasp of basic philosophical concepts and how they function in Plato’s system of philosophy.
  2. Plato intentionally scattered his thought throughout the dialogues. Your job is to reconstruct Plato’s conception of philosophy and the philosophical way of living by isolating and weaving together passages that explicitly or implicitly address Plato’s concept. Go to the parts of the text that resonate with you, that left an impression on you, and ask yourself how does this passage shed light on Plato’s conception of philosophy and the philosophical life. There is not only one right answer, and there is substantial room for creativity – that being said, you must provide textual evidence to support your interpretation.



What we are assessing?



How precisely does your essay reconstruct Plato’s conception of Philosophy?



Does your reconstruction reflect a good grasp of the dialogues as a whole?



Does your reconstruction reveal a complex understanding of the dialogues?



How clear is you explanation of Plato’s concept? Is your writing precise, concise, articulate, and direct?



Do you mobilize appropriate textual evidence in support of your interpretation? Do you cite the text properly whenever you quote or paraphrase?



How well have you understood and how well can you explain Plato’s conception of Philosophy?0

  1. Please double-space and leave 1-inch margins. Be sure to use a citation style consistently throughout
  2. No outside source on Plato may be consulted. Your writing should reflect a serious engagement with the text and lectures exclusively. Violation of this rule will result in a failing grade.