Longevity Paper

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Write a 2-5 pages summary to include your responses to the questionslisted below. This paper must be written in a scholarly essay format (paragraphs-not question/answer response).

Include at least one-two academic references.

Use APA format. However, you may use first person to respond to specific questions that request your personal comments.

APA Format for all assignments should include the following: Title page; introduction; conclusion; reference page; page numbering; running head; double spacing; appropriate font; and appropriate headings. Use of an abstract is optional.

Respond to the following questions/statements:

1. Define life expectancy (Use a scholarly reference-avoid common websites).

2. Identify and brieflysummarize the life expectancy of the following groups (include reference):

a. Caucasian/White males

b. African-American/Black males

c. Caucasian/White females

d. African-American /Black females

e. Hispanic females

f. Hispanic males

g. Asian/Pacific Islander American females

h. Asian/Pacific Islander American males

i. Identify your group (above) and share your thoughts on your estimated life expectancy