Literature related to psychology: could choose any topic within (psych development, psych learning, psych memory, problem-solving)

 Answer these questions: a. List the full APA reference for the article. (1 point) b. What was the main research question that the researcher(s) wanted to answer? What was their hypothesis? (There may be more than one.) (1 point) c. How did they answer this question? What were the methods that they used? (1 point) d. What did they find (i.e., what were their results)? (1 point) e. Did their results support their hypothesis? Why/why not? (1 point) f. Were there any limitations to the study? If so, what were they? (1 point) g. What future studies could be done to build on these findings and/or address these limitations? (1 point) h. What was this experience like? Was it interesting or challenging in ways that you didn’t anticipate? If so, how?