Letter of Recommendation – Dental School

Description Letter of Recommendation should be addressed to “The Admissions Committee Note: This is a letter of recommendation NOT a letter of evaluation “Letter of Recommendation should include the following from your professor:” 1). Your intellectual qualities. 2). How you compare with other pre-dental students they have taught. 3). The capacity in which they know you 4). Your performance in class and examinations. 5). Remarks on exceptional accomplishments, contributions, attributes that they have observed in you 6). Remarks on applicant’s success in applying classroom knowledge in team-oriented and small group environments.7). Whether the professor believes your academic performance reflects your true ability. 8). Details about your communication skills (oral and written, if applicable) 9). Why the professor believes you will be able to manage the rigors of a dentistry curriculum. 10). Your interests, future plans and how they feel that best relates to your pursuit of a career in dentistry.