Leading change and change in the current environment

This is a paper that focuses on leading change and change in the current environment. Below is a section of instructions that you are to follow.

Leading change and change in the current environment


Firstly, write a one page summary/abstract approximately 370 to 400 words long. However it should not be longer than one page. Increase the word count from the current paper from 2,000 words to 6,100 using New Times Roman font – size 12, use the same spacing included in the existing paper and use the Harvard format system. Counting the Introduction section, part 1 – critical review section, part 2 – evaluation section, part 3 – also reflection on and assessment section and the conclusion section, the word count will be 6,100 words. The abstract/one page summary, figures/models and their naming convention, the titles of each section, the reference section and the appendix section do not count toward the word count. Only the in body text counts.
Also, this assessment is by one assignment, a critical essay of 6100 words which integrates theory and practice.


Secondly, the assignment must include a clear structure, a list of references and, where appropriate, appendices and diagrams. However, you must make appropriate use of journal articles and texts. The reference sources, journals and books, are all listed below starting on page 5 (Recognizing the Need for Change). Do not use any other sources or references. Additionally, only use the sources that I have provided. 1. Recognizing the Need for Change 2. Analyzing the Change Required 3. Skills of Leaders of Change 4. Changing Systems and Processes 5. Successful Change 6. Resources for Innovation Please concentrate on my professors comments when you edit the existing 2,000 and write the new 4,000 words.

Do try to use the references and sources in the reading/reference lists that I provided. The reading lists can be found at the end of every Power Point Presentation that I have submitted and I also included the same information in the provided Word documents and they are titled with, references and further readings.