Leadership Paper

The purpose of this project is for you to understand deeply the interplay of leader, followers, and situations through investigation of a particular leader. Assignment: Select a current, well-known business leader 1. Define their personality, values, and “leadership style.” Discuss the key influences in their development as leaders including background, upbringing, experience, training, mentors, education, etc. 2. Discuss the organization (company) in which this leader is involved. Discuss its competitive strategic environment, structure, culture, history, HR practices, leadership development practices, etc. 3. Identify two key situations in which the leader and followers interact to provide an outcome for the company or individual/group of followers (positive or negative). Discuss the actions/contributions of the leaders, followers, and situations and how they contributed to the outcome. The minimum requirements for this paper are as follows: 1. The paper must thoroughly address each of the issues outlined above. 2. The paper must be at least 2000 words (~8 pages) of text, double-spaced with 12- point font. Title pages, references, figures, and tables do not count as text and should be included at the back of the paper 3. There should be a minimum of fifteen sources cited with both an in-text citation and a full citation in separate reference page. Both the in-text and reference page citations are to follow the APA formatting. No more than 50% of references can be from web only sources (e.g. hard copy sources like those found in books, magazines, newspapers, or journals that are found using a search engine like ABI/Inform do not count as web-only sources as they have a hard copy counterpart). 4. The paper must start with a separate title page including names of all authors. Consideration of each issue should be indicated by using section headings (and subheadings, if appropriate). Place the reference section and any tables, figures, etc. at the back of the paper on separate pages. Do not integrate them into the text.