Leadership Approach Analysis Field Placement Agency

The essay entails a paper on the Leadership Approach Analysis which includes Field Placement Agency. Leadership Approach Analysis helps heads of any organisation or a firm to ensure ease of running the post they hold.

Leadership Approach Analysis Field Placement Agency

Firstly, conduct an analysis of a leader in your field placement or agency where you are employed. Your analysis should reflect your understanding of the course content on leadership.

In addition, you can include research based on scholarly articles with appropriate references in APA style to enhance your paper. Your paper should be approximately 6-8 pages.

Also, at minimum, your analysis should include the following. Background on leader. Their role; how many people they supervise;  their current position and current role.

Furthermore, explain how do they think their social identity shapes their leadership approach (race, ethnicity, gender, sex, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, social class, age, nation, tribal or indigenous affiliation.

Secondly, this is already completed which theoretical approaches from among those presented in class best characterizes this individual’s leadership style/orientation? Particpative/democratic. Include an analysis of their use of power and authority. Refer to attached assessments.

Thirdly, assess the strengths and areas of needed improvement of this individual’s leadership within the context of the organization where they work.

Eventually, refer to attached assessments and sources. Critically analyze and indicate what skills and attributes could result in more effective leadership. Refer to attached assessments and sources Grading will be based on the following criteria.

Forthly, connection between course material and subject. Supervisor’s background completed. Covered all domains. Identified leadership style, traits, philosophy, skills, Theory X or Y, etc.

Lastly, assessment (8 points) refer to paper. Critically assessed use of power and authority, and how that impacts strengths/weaknesses o Identified areas of improvement and what skills and attributes could result in more effective leadership refer to attached assessments and sources. Overall clarity and cohesiveness of paper. Includes grammar & spelling