leadership and management

    Write a short APA paper on Seclusion & Restraints & Patient Safety & Legal & Ethical
implications.( in facililty it can be hospital) who, when, why, how
Essay include up-to-date information and paper length appropriate.   
Introduction and conclusion are clear and concise
Grammar, proper word use, punctuation, sentence composition, paragraph development, sentence clarity, and spelling.   
APA style as appropriate for referencing and APA format with reference page. At least 3 references within 5 years.   
Logical and clear essay development: easily readable (use subheadings-if applicable).   


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Leadership and management

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Assignment 6.3: Personal Leadership Development Plan Final Paper

Throughout the semester, you have examined types of leadership and how leadership relates to management functions. In discussing the perspectives on leadership each week and completing the leadership instruments, you undoubtedly have a style (s) of leadership you identify with. In the final paper, you will develop a leadership development plan which identifies opportunities for improving your leadership skills, behaviors and styles. In the paper you will also discuss your personal strengths (based on the self-assessments). Give examples and describe how you plan to improve your leadership skills in the workplace, your family, and your community. Conclude with a timeline for action.

Writing Requirements (APA Format)

  • Title page, with name of student, title of assignment and date
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point size, one inch margins, page numbers
  • 6-8 pages not including title page and references page
  • At least 4 references (include the textbook as one reference)