Leader’s role and identification of quality issues in an organization

This is a paper that focuses on the leader’s role and identification of quality issues in an organization. Additionally, the paper identifies the education and practice experiences of a leader.

Leader’s role and identification of quality issues in an organization

Firstly, explain that this is a student project to learn about the leader’s role and how leaders identify quality issues and develop effective initiatives for change.
·       During the clinical, conduct an interview with the leader using the questions provided to you on the first page of the rubric:o   What are the healthcare leader’s day-to-day responsibilities within the organization?

Secondly, what education and practice experiences have prepared the leader for their current role?
o   What type of organizational structure is present within the organization? For example, is it a hierarchical structure or a decentralized, shared governance structure?
o   What types of communication patterns or issues are present and affected by the current organizational structure?
o   How does the leader address conflict related to divergent opinions? Discuss differences in professional background and experience, race and ethnicity, and culture.

Thirdly, what type of leadership style does the healthcare leader have, and is that style impacted by the current organizational structure and function?
· Develop two additional questions related to the healthcare leader’s role and experiences within the organization.
1-     Where can your staff locate ethical policies if needed?
2-     What is your policy on infection control?
3-     How do you trace improvements in client care?

Interview Summary

: (Two pages, single spaced, include citations)
·       Introduce the leader and give some background, for example, how long has the leader been in the current role, educational background, future goals….- CND has been working at an acute hospital for 13 years as a unit coordinator, surgical techinician, nurse on a cardiology unit, Visiting nurse and now a clinical nurse director for homecare company. She has her BSN and will soon work towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
Please indicate what State the CPE took place in (this is a requirement for SNHU) –took place in Massachussets

Clearly summarize the organizational structure, communication patterns and conflict resolution strategies, and leadership style as described by the healthcare leader.
Summarize the interview questions, you do not need to document every question-just summarize your findings. Also summarize any other findings that you observed during your shadow experience, including the 2 additional questions you asked (per the rubric).