Lab Report: Redox Reactions – Activity Series

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The formal lab report must have:

Title page, Objectives, Introduction, Procedure (Reference the producer from the Lab Manual and prelab), Safety, Waste, Results(data and equations and observations), Calculations, discussion. The Prelab must be typed and attached at the end of the report with the prelab question.

Please use the Lab Manual pdf file that its attached below to write the procedure on your own words. Also, Please do NOT plagiarize.

Lab Report: Redox Reactions – Activity Series


The purpose of writing a partial lab report for Redox Reactions experiment is to continue to familiarize you with technical scientific writing, data analysis, and its presentation.


In this lab report you will:

  • Analyze redox reactions from qualitative experimental data.
  • Continue to improve your scientific writing by composing a portion of a formal lab report (title page, results and calculations section, discussion, and conclusion).


This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content information:

  • Organize your data in a results and calculations section including:
    • Writing balanced net ionic chemical equations.
    • Apply vocabulary of redox reactions to the experiment.
    • Create a partial activity series for Zn, Fe, Fe3+, I, Br, Cu, and H
  • State and analyze your activity series in the discussion.
  • Restate your activity series in the conclusion.


This exercise asks you to collect, organize, analyze, and evaluate data you collected in the lab. You will type a lab report that includes the following:

  • Title page
  • Results and Calculations section
    • Table summarizing your major experimental results.
      • Experimental observations
      • Balanced net ionic reactions
      • Element oxidized, element reduced, stronger oxidizing agent, and more active element.
    • Discussion
      • State your activity series.
      • Analyze your experimental data:
        • Did you have any difficulties determine the activity series?
        • If so, what species are you unsure of the relative activities?
        • What additional experiments might help you to make a better assessment of relative activities?
      • State any sources of error. What affect did it have on your activity series?
    • Conclusion
      • Reiterate your experimental activity series using complete sentences.

Criteria for Success:

We are building your report writing skills of organizing data, analyzing data, and summarizing data.

  • As you write up your report:
  • View the videos in the redox play list below:
  • (Links to an external site.)
    • Be sure to summarize your major data in your results and calculations section, state and analyze your activity series in your discussion and reiterate the activity series in your conclusion.
    • Make sure that your laboratory pages have the headers and footers completely fill out, and that your data and observations are complete enough for another student to use your lab notebook to complete the experiment.
    • Before the start of lab on the due date:
      • attach your prelab to the typed report

      Prelab Instructions

      Read all of experiment 7 in the lab manual. You will be be completing a modified version of this experiment using a series of sixteen videos . During the lab period you will watch the following videos and record experimental observations about physical and chemical changes. You will create an activity series.

      Include the following in the prelab:

    • Title :The first page of a new experiment should include the date, experiment name and number to clearly show the start of a new experiment.
    • Objective: Three to four sentences introducing and explaining the purpose of the experiment to be performed. Be sure to include the experimental technique to be used and determination of unknowns, if applicable. This section should be written in your own words.
    • Procedure:Reference procedure using correct MLA/APA format. Be sure to leave space after the procedure reference to note any changes (additions, deletions, etc.) you are instructed to make to the procedure.
      It is recommended that you write out your procedures, in your own words, prior to the start of lab to help you understand the experiment better, organize your thoughts, and draw any data tables you will need.
    • Safety:
      List the any additional safety precautions called for in the experiment; these are usually given in the lab manual.
    • Waste TreatmentList the any special waste handling procedures called for in the experiment; these are usually given in the lab manual.
    • The lab manual is attached here :