Lab Report about synethesis of methyl orange

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Post Lab Report Format (typed, printed, page numbered, single spacing) (make sure to put Your Name and Your Partner’s Name together)

Title (Synthesis of Methyl Orange)

Purpose (why we did the exp.)

Chemical Structure (make sure to put the reference. You can draw your own structure with free software (any chemical structure drawing software is ok. However, put the name of the software below the structures)

Safety Information/Physical Data (physical properties of compounds)

Procedure (Your own paragraph form (3rd person))

Clean-Up (how to clean up the wastes)

Observational Data Presentation

Pictures of Methyl Orange and tested week acidic and basic solution with methyl orange (red and yellow color)

Final mass of Methyl orange

Explain if the color change was good enough. Is methyl orange a good pH indicator?

Discussion (in PARAGRAPH FORM)

What is Methyl Orange? What is diazonium Salt? Why we use Na2CO3, NaNO2, HCl to make Diazonium Salt? How the diazonium salt can bind to N,N-dimethylaniline with acetic acid and NaOH? Why we use brine? Why methyl orange shows a different color in the solution at a different pH? What is the pH range that methyl orange indicate? What were the pH in the 0.01M HCl and 0.01M NaOH solutions? Does it involve in the change in the chemical bonding or the chemical structure or the charge?

References (ACS format)

Side reaction: N/A

Theoretical yield: make sure to show your calculation work.

Mechanisms: N/A

Analysis of TLC/IR/NMR: N/A

Post Lab Questions: N/A

You need to write your own imaginary dry lab, reading the methyl orange lab guide in the canvas announcement , and also your own literature study for your imaginary data/discussion (Journal articles/textbook/websites etc.)
You can choose any number for the weight of the final product (methyl orange). (FYI, the % yield is usually 50-60% for this lab)