KWL Chart . Social Sciences vs Natural Sciences

I’m studying for my Social Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

  • Topic :Special education and learning disabilities

Replace the bracketed text in the KWL chart below with the relevant information. Complete the following steps:

  • In the “K” column, Topic: Special Education and learning Disabilities. write what you already know about the topic in relation to each of the lenses. (Social Science and Natural Science).
  • In the “W” column, write what you want to know about your chosen topic in the form of questions in relation to each of the lenses.
  • In the “L” column, after reading the article you located associated with your chosen topic, summarize what you learned about your topic when looking at it through each of the lenses. Although the articles you review may not answer all of your questions, be sure to answer any questions possible in the space provided and explain your response. Also, note the citation for your article as it is provided to you, as you will need to reference this in future modules when creating your presentation slides.
  • Create a list of keywords you would use were you to continue researching your chosen topic. Consider the questions you had that were not answered by the articles you reviewed: Are there any terms/keywords that you might use to search for answers to these questions? reading resource…
  • reading resource…