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Part 1

Training Rules is a documentary film that examines how women’s sport has been influenced by homophobic practices. The film highlights a successful women’s basketball coach, Rene Portland and her three training rules: No drinking, no drugs and no lesbians.

In 2006, one student athlete challenged Coach Portland’s rules and filed discrimination charges based on sexual orientation. This recent litagation has forced the NCAA and athletic departments nation wide to examine how it is protecting it’s own student-athletes from overt (as in this case) and subtle forms of discrimination of this nature.

Watch the following video (approx. 1 hour) , it is also available via IMBd or Amazon Prime if you prefer to watch via that platform:

Link (Links to an external site.) Training Rules Video

Answer the following questions:

1. How does the film illustrate what homophobia is? Heterosexism? Give a specific example of each.

2. How does this influence lesbian athletes? bisexual athletes? Those who are perceived to be lesbian or bisexual? Hetereosexual women?

A Woman Vision Film by Dee Mosbacher

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part 2 A

Describe an intervention and what type of abuse or neglect it would address.

Explain how you would provide the intervention and what would be needed.

Part 2 B

Describe the theory of causation you think best explains criminality.

Explain why you think it is the best theory, fairly compare it to another theory, and explain the shortcomings of your chosen theory.

Part 3

Do dominant perceptions regarding the distribution of drug use across race/ethnicity square with existing realities? If not, why?

part 4

Do you think police agencies should use psychological assessments in the screening new recruits? Why or why not?