Key Sustainability issue on a fictional company strategic vision

This is a paper that focuses on the key Sustainability issue on a fictional company strategic vision. The paper also provides description on the submission of the paper assignment.

Key Sustainability issue on a fictional company strategic vision

Focus: Based on your group’s fictional case Presentation (i.e. the summative assessment 2), the priority issue identified in the Group, and the Action Plan devised, you will now submit your individual written report based on your fictional role, i.e. Managing Director of HR, or RDI, or Ops, or Marketing, or Finance, as applicable.
You are to provide solid reasoning on why your department’s role in the overall project will be beneficial not only to the department but to the company’s new strategic vision for sustainability, and how exactly your department will contribute to achieving the joint sustainability-focused action plan.

Key Sustainability issue on a fictional company strategic vision

Indicative Structure:

1. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF Summative 2 CASE (indicative word count: 250 words):
Start with a brief overview of the fictional company’s vision, aims and objectives and the identified challenge to address. Include a summary of the sustainability-driven action plan developed by your group and supported by the Gantt chart the team (should have) presented in Summative 2.

State what is the key Sustainability issue that is going to be tackled, why,  how and by when, and why the synergy between the selected departments is imperative to make the project work at its fullest.
Then, highlight what is the key role your department plays in the overall project, and elaborate on the specific contribution and synergies intent to be create during the planned implementation of the project,

STM5A5_ Sustainability _Assessment guidelines for SUMMATIVE 3: Individual Report (linked to Group Project) _2019-2020                          2

Since this is an academic work, consider making use of general management and sustainability concepts and tools. (adequately supported with academically reliable references) to fully sustain and inform your case.
We recommend that you also include a brief analysis of the department. You may wish to use tools such as SMART, or TROPICS, or a Sustainability model such as Silvius and Schipper’s. Also, The Phase Model by Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn, or any other model you like.