Juvenile delinquency: study design

 Description The paper is in the process of a research paper. Its about how the Study Design, Subjects, Data Collection, and Analysis would be gathered. This paper should answer this: The next section outlines the methods to be used for the proposed research, including the study design, subjects, and procedures for data collection and analysis. This is where you will explain how you will answer the research question. This section of the proposal includes the following: *The sample and the population from which the sample will be collected. Who are the proposed participants? How many? How do you propose to select your sample? What major demographic characteristic and other relevant information about the sample and population is important for the reader to know about? What are the sample variables that you propose to study? Why are you proposing to study these subjects? *Where and how do you propose to collect your data? What will you inform your subjects about when it comes to their participation? Prepare an informed consent form and attach it to the research proposal manuscript that you write. Describe the design of your proposed research. Identify any measurement instruments that will be used in the research. By reviewing the articles used in your literature review, you will be able to locate instruments that have been used in previous studies. Those same instruments and scales may be part of your own proposed research. Briefly indicate what information these instruments are used to collect and indicate their reliability and validity. If proposing qualitative research, describe in detail how you will determine when you have collected sufficient data to answer the research questions as well as the validity of the data collected. *Describe your proposed methods for analyzing your data. If you are proposing quantitative research, write a brief description of the statistical procedures you plan to use to analyze your data. For example, what group means will you compare and why? If you propose a correlation analysis, what variables will you correlate and why? Remember to include a discussion of descriptive analysis and any procedures you will use to draw inferences (inferential statistics) from your data. If you are proposing qualitative research, what specific techniques will you use to analyze the data (e.g. grounded theory, thematic analysis)? To what extent will you integrate the data collection and analysis phases of the research? Essentially, you need to justify how your approach will answer your proposed research questions and how you will determine the validity and reliability of the results.