Justice in the Western7

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Read the first half of Beowulf.


Write a post about how the laws of “civilization” create a conflict with the natural world in this story (especially in the form of Grendel and his mother). Rewrite the story in your head to figure out whether Beowulf is acting in a just way to Grendel. Was Grendel behaving in a way according to his nature when he ate the warriors? Was he aware of the Danish king’s laws against this kind of dining, or did he view the Danish court as a buffet? And once again we have a mother bent on revenge…seems like a theme, doesn’t it? Is Grendel’s mother’s behavior just? Is the Danish king’s behavior just when he sends Beowulf to kill Grendel?

Original post should be 500 words and be constructed like a short essay. Use the prompts to help you develop a thesis statement. Use evidence from the assigned source to help support your assertions. No conclusions are necessary in original posts. To earn the full points for the post, you must substantively respond to one colleagues’ post. At least 150 words is a meaningful response length.