Just need 9 to 12 bullet points for PPT (The entire paper is less than a page just 9 to 12 points)

I’m studying and need help with a Software Development question to help me learn.

1. How you might use a simulator like this in real-life, if for example you were running a business like this. (3 – 4 points needed)

Stimulator link http://forio.com/simulation/mit-sloan-solar/index….

2. Refer to chapter 2 of the book: If you were setting up a new business like this, what kind of systems would you use? MIS, DSS, EIS, ERP, Cloud? (3 – 4 points needed)

3. Refer to chapter 3 of the book: How might you use Data Analytics, BI, etc. in this business. (3 – 4 points needed)