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qustion 1

In Crafting the Personal Essay, Dinty Moore said ” That slight aspect of your personality or fantasy life, or hidden world, that you think so odd, so peculiar, so weird, that you’ve kept it a secret your entire life, is most likely far more common than you think.” I agree that there are some aspects of our personalities that we try to hide from people. I think this because we feel that these aspects are our weaknesses and we are afraid that people will exploit them. Do you agree that we keep some aspects of our personalities hidden? Why?

example answer

I agree with you that we keep some aspects of out personality hidden, I think we do that for many reasons. One reason being that we wouldn’t people judging us. Another reason maybe that they person doesn’t deserve to know us on that level yet. I know for me only certain people are allowed to see my different side of my personality. I pick and choose who I hid my personality from.

question 2

In Crafting the Personal essay, Dinty Moore said, ” Speaking for myself, I Can’t Imagine how anyone could not have that curiosity and some measure of uncertainty. Faith by defention means we don’t know for sure.” Speaking for myself I never had a curiosity about my faith, growing up in a Christian home, that’s all I knew. When I grow up I got closer to God on my own, and built my own realtionship with God. All you have to do is keep faith, wether you don’t know or not, faith is what keep you going. What do you believe in?

example answer

Like Dinty Moore, I have a curiosity and uncertainity about my beliefs when it comes to religon. My parents raised me Catholic, but i’m always questioning what I really believe in. I think a lot of people don’t know for sure what they believe in because there is no proof either way. What’s important is that whatever we do believe in, we use it to better ourselves.

question 3

In Crafting the Personal Essay, Dinty Moore states, “It is not what happens to us in our lives that makes us into writers; it is what we make out of what happens to us. It is our distinctive point-of-view.” I thought this was an interesting quote, and I would have to agree. Stories come from experiences and how you make of them can make the difference from a good story to a great story. What are some ways a point of view, or an attitude towards an experience can affect how the story comes out?

example answer 3

I do agree that experience in a story will make the reader more convinced by the ideas in the story. Also, the experience will convert the ideas into real image. So, the reader can imagen the ideas better.

question 4

In Crafting the Personal Essay Moore explains when referring to Johnathan Swift’s “A modest proposal” that “sarcasm is apart of persona”. When writing a personal essay, do you embrace your sarcastic side? Do you go out of your way to include sarcasm or do you prefer to keep the essay serious?

example answer 4

I like to be in the middle because being more serious in writing essay will make the essay more formal and not close to the reader. I think put some sense of fun will make the reader more interested in reading the essay.