Journal Questions

1.  What issues does Watson raise with respect to introspection?

2.  What should be the role of consciousness in scientific psychology?

3.  Along what lines should psychological science develop henceforth?


Just put the answer under each question and please do not write a paper


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Journal questions

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There are “Journal” responses sprinkled. Thus, you will be required to respond to EACH of these responses with at least three to four well-written sentences, which demonstrate that you have thought deeply about it.

Journal: Democracy

What has been your most important personal experience with democracy? Have you voted in an election, worked for a campaign, donated to one, or just voted in a student election? If you have no such experience, reflect on why not. Identify this experience, and analyze what it meant to you.

Journal: Transitions to Democracy

Consider how states go from dictatorship to democracy. What do you believe, based on your overall reading and knowledge, can impede this transition? What is the overall effect of such a transition?

Journal: Global Governance

Consider the concept of “global civil society.” Do you believe that your activities on social media can tap you into this concept? Analyze any experiences that you have.